Health and Wellbeing Retreat – A Country experience

Our Retreat is set up in a serene country location in the Southern Riverina New South wales – we promote Health & Wellbeing, for your BODY, MIND and SOUL  – 

Our retreat programs are transforming with health and wellbeing talks, Mindful meditation / Yoga exercises, Deep energy healing and much more .


You can indulge in

  • Sunrise YOGA session – breathing clean country fresh air 
  • Mindful meditation – to refocus on your life path
  • Health Talks – Simple every day lifestyle choices
  • Energize your Soul with Chakra balancing
  • Grounding exercises – Base Chakra balancing
  • Healthy Soulful meals
  • Sunset Labyrinth walk meditation
  • Reflect and heal your Life

Benefits of Our Retreat Programs are:

  • Restore & optimize your health & wellbeing for YOU to enjoy life with longevity & high quality of life – to enjoy time with your loved ones
  • To maintain your health & wellbeing with a positive mind set and to heal your life from negative emotions – To make YOU FEEL GOOD
  • Design a program with you to help you achieve your goals –  Personal goals, Health goals, Professional goals or social  or community goals
  • Help you identify areas of concern and take steps to alleviate them – whether it is unhealthy habits or lifestyle – let’z break the patterns
  • Learn to be mindful and in control of your emotional wellbeing – Be emotionally strong – elevate your EQ
  • Monitor your progress with careful guidance to optimize your health & wellbeing objectives –
  • Maintain an open line of communication with you  – Be there to support you when you need it
  • Encourage & motivate you to reach your dream life with excellent health – BE THE NEW VERSION OF YOU

If you are looking to change your life – because you are…

  • feeling lost or out of balance
  • having weight gain issues
  • health issues – eg – Diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, cancer
  • want to quit smoking / Drugs
  • having relationship issues or grief issues
  • not able to set and achieve goals in life
  • in a very stressful work or personal life situation
  • You cannot control anger or rage
  • you want to adapt better Eating habits & nutrition
  • you feel so down and depressed and suffer from anxiety /panic attacks
  • want to overcome social Phobias
  • want Personal & professional development
  • feel that you are held back with limiting beliefs or fears and you want to Healing past hurts & sadness
  • want to find your true purpose in life

Contact us for more details how we can help you be the person you want to be