Your Human Blueprint to an
Extraordinary Life

Discover the power of our human life

This book will help you find your true self – your Blueprint to your Extraordinary Human Life.

It is the instruction manual to you and will help you unravel your true being, to understand what your life is about and to explore the four dimensions of your life – the physical (the body), mental (the mindset), emotional (the soul) and spiritual (the spirit).

Your Human Blueprint

Learn how they interact, what they do and how best you can take care of these important components of your life to live a purposeful life.

You will discover how to reveal your ‘souls purpose’, to be your authentic self.

You will learn how your emotional well being (EQ) and your spiritual consciousness (SQ) can enhance the quality of your life’s journey to view life from a greater perspective and enjoy a blissful state.

Do the exercises after each chapter to enable you to grasp the contents of each section, thus helping you to release any blockages and unleash the hidden potentials to reveal your purpose in life. When you let go of what is holding you back and understand why things happened in your life’s journey the way they did, you can choose to let go of what is not you, forgive people, change your mindset and reveal your purpose to embrace your true authentic self.

It is then you can really enjoy the blissful state to live an amazingly powerful EXTRAORDINARY HUMAN LIFE.

Inside you will discover:

Chapter 1) – Explains how to re-create the
life you desire:

Life skills to use immediately to move you forward to
empower yourself to build the dream life.

Chapter 2) Learn to appreciate your
human body:

Simple principles to live a healthy life – a deeper
connection with the real you.

Chapter 3) Master your life:

Learn how to get the best use out of your conscious
and your subconscious minds – to gain a strong sense
of personal power – Manifest your goals with 3 simple steps.

Chapter 4) Your purpose to life lies
within you:

Learn to find your life purpose to live a fulfilling life.

Chapter 5) The Spirit within:

The greater insight to your life
journey – embrace life from a greater perspective

Chapter 6) Powerful human energy system:

Unblock your hidden potentials to live your authentic
life – A very empowering place to be.

Chapter 7) EQ – Emotional Quotient:

Learn how your emotional well being can enhance the
quality of your life path – to be empowered with
emotional strength.

Chapter 8) SQ – Spiritual Quotient:

Spiritual intelligence to fulfil your ultimate calling –
Your vision for the world – to leave your legacy.

What people are saying

“Angela has poured her heart, soul and wisdom into the pages of this book and it inspires me. Her deep insight into human nature and our true potential will move you to create an incredible life.”
– Emily Gowor, Author and Speaker ~ Brisbane


“I love Angela’s book, ‘Your Human Blueprint to an Extraordinary Life’. It is clear Angela has an amazingly broad knowledge base from which to write her book. The content is clear and is an easy read with great exercises which will help readers to understand fully what Angela is saying. What is within this book has so much relevance to people, now more than ever, as our lives become busier and more solitary in some respects. This is a must-read book to help people get clarity on who they are, where they are going and what they are here to do. Congratulations Angela on a wonderful book.”
– Rae Antony ~ Brisbane


Angela’s book ‘Your Human Blueprint to an Extraordinary Life’ is filled with guidance on how to move from existing to living. We all have issues – both physical and psychological – we have developed over our lifetime for a whole host of different and personal reasons. This book helps you to understand why, and how you can move beyond your self-imposed limitations. We are all here for a reason… start your journey with this book so you can find your purpose and live An Extraordinary Life. –
Sharon Costigan ~ Canberra


Discover the 3 Healthy Lifestyle choices

How to reduce your risk of getting Alzheimer’s
Learning how to use your conscious mind to drive your life, instead of the
subconscious programming, we can break the routines and paradigms to be
in control of our life towards the sunset years of our journey.

Power of Forgiveness
Forgiveness is a noble act – Explores how holding on to resentment , anger
and aggression can have detrimental affects on our own health and ways to
forgive and let go so that you can live an amazingly powerful life

Liver cleansing program
Learn to clean the filter in your body to live life with good health and vitality.
This will boost your stamina and energy to feel younger, fitter and vibrant.


The physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of life are exposed and revealed here for you to experience life and enjoy your journey through this lifetime on an ‘Extraordinary Platform’. By exploring the four dimensions of a ‘HUMAN LIFE’, and keeping them healthy and balanced, we can live life at a level that we are meant to live – with harmony, love, truth and integrity.

We are ALL made from these four BASIC components. Regardless of where we are born, what colour skin we have, what jobs we are doing, whether it is the prime minister of a country or a homeless person on the street, we are all made of these four basic components of a ‘human life’.

When we recognise who we REALLY ARE, we can learn to live life to the fullest. When we realise how powerful we are as human beings and how we can all tap into the power within us, we can learn to enjoy the life we are meant to live.

It is like the instruction manual that you get when you buy a product. When you read the ‘how to use booklet’ on any new appliance you buy, you can use it well and safely to obtain the maximum benefits from it. Your human life is the same – learn how important this LIFE is and what your instruction manual is about, to get the BEST out of your journey through life.

This very intricate human life is fascinating. Learn how to use it. Learn to become the ‘essence’ of WHO YOU REALLY ARE. Learn to focus on your journey and fulfil your purpose in life. Don’t waste your life on anything that is ‘unimportant’. Don’t sacrifice it by giving the power to someone or something that has upset or hurt you. Don’t give the power to the PAST. Don’t give anyone else the power or the opportunity to negatively impact your life. You are the only one responsible for YOUR LIFE. You are the MASTER of your LIFE. You own this beautiful masterpiece called the ‘HUMAN BODY’. You own it. You are given this amazing human life – free of charge. You can use it the best way you can.

Find your ‘HOW TO USE’ booklet to follow the instructions FOR YOU. Within the pages of this book, you may find ‘WHAT YOUR LIFE IS ABOUT’. Find the powerful messages that are revealed here for you.

Find the core essence of the true meaning to your life. Find your passion. Find your soul’s purpose, and reveal it. Share your message with the world. Share YOUR LIFE with us – and let us ALL enjoy who you REALLY are.

“Who you are makes a difference to our world!”

Angela Peris

About the Author

Angela Peris

Angela Peris – With a vision to bring peace and harmony to our world, Angela shares her wisdom and her intuitive guidance with you to empower you to get the best out of this human life experience.

Born in Sri Lanka, Angela migrated to Australia in 1974. Her father was a doctor, a specialist in leprosy and was living a comfortable life in Colombo, Sri Lanka, yet he pursued employment as a flying doctor in Darwin, Australia to give opportunity for his family to be educated in a developed country. Within a week of Angela joining her family in Darwin a twist of fate changed their life path – Australia’s worst natural disaster, Cyclone Tracy, struck the city of Darwin on Christmas Eve which forced relocation of the Peris family to Sydney.

In 1975 Angela started her training to be a Registered Nurse at Concord Repatriation Hospital, Sydney. She went on to specialise in coronary care and intensive care nursing as well as completing an Advanced Resuscitation course at Liverpool Hospital.

She gained knowledge and skills in many areas as a critical care nurse, working in some of the leading teaching hospitals in metropolitan Sydney. Following her father’s death in 1980, Angela searched for the spiritual answers to what our life journey is all about.

She looked into deeper meaning to life. As a critical care nurse, she has witnessed people struggling to survive on life-support machines as well as having life-saving medical interventions struggling to complete this journey of a human life. She has also seen sad situations where young lives are lost due to depression, leading to suicide.

With her extensive knowledge in how the human body works from within medically, she searched for the spiritual aspect of life that gave meaning and purpose to our existence. As a visionary and a spiritual healer, she explores the deeper meaning to life to help people understand how best to take care of this amazing human masterpiece with gratitude, love and purpose.

She realised that life is a meaningful experience and we all have a purpose – it was then that she explored and revealed the blueprint to our extraordinary human life.

She provides a warm friendly approach to helping people understand and dissolve their life issues, past hurts and health concerns. Angela is passionate about helping people and she has made a difference in many people’s lives.

Her heart is opened to people of all ages and all walks of life. Angela is the founder of the Peris Cardiac Health & Lifestyle Retreat in Berrigan, New South Wales. She is committed to helping you live an extraordinary human life – to be your authentic self.

“We have everything we need, to do everything we want to do” – Angela Peris

Your Human
Blueprint to an
Extraordinary Life

Discover the power of our human life