This is just how I see it – I may be wrong!!

The world needs healing – it is NOT about a VIRUS – It is NOT about ‘lockdown’ – it is about US! – COVID- 19 is only a messenger – it is not the cause – it is NOT what we need to worry about!!!

I have observed the world over the past 4 weeks –
and meditated on what IT IS we need to do to heal the world of this virus!
WELL! it is what we as Human beings need to do – We have totally lost focus on where we need to go!

I know – there are many views and ideas – Yet – we are missing a huge message!

I am not sure how many people can understand this view – how many people are at the level of a spiritual understanding –
Spiritually – we are ALL connected – We are ALL – spiritual beings in a HUMAN FORM!
Not many new souls will see the world from this view – for them ‘life is NEW and what they believe is different (and that is ok) and they can google the answers they need about life’
No matter what your religion is – no matter what you believe in
I feel that – (FYI – I am a Buddhist) when ‘Jesus Christ’ was born as a super human being – he was here to teach US – how to be kind, caring and loving – he taught us many lessons – YET the people then – ridiculed him, stoned him, bullied and harassed him – and finally – got him to carry the heavy wooden cross to the top of the mountain – nailed him to the cross – and watched him bleed to death – (I am sure there is more to this story than this summarized version is) and Today we call Him ‘OUR LORD’!! – at that moment of being crucified – HE said – ‘forgive them – they do not know what they are doing”!!

HE forgave US – as human beings – YET! we never asked for forgiveness – people go to church and pray and they read the Bible – yet – you have NEVER asked to be forgiven for what we as a Human Race did to Jesus Christ!!
Think of this SIN -we as Human being did – but we as a collective whole – never asked to be forgiven!
I feel that is why we are faced with so many tragedies / natural disasters and traumas –
NO matter what religion you belong to or what your beliefs – or what country you were born in – we all have to pay for this and ask for FORGIVENESS FROM THE LORD – IF WE WANT THIS WORLD TO BE HEALED AND TO BE SAVED!!
It is up to ALL of us – regardless of our religious background – or what our beliefs are – we ALL need to help HEAL THE WORLD!
Please be in it – to SAVE THE WORLD that we can all free of viruses / tsunamis / cyclones / hurricanes and fires and lunatics with bombs!
Please be in it – to SAVE THE WORLD!