Our retreats are life-changing, empowering, and fun. You will be amazed how it only takes 2 days to change your life!

15th & 16th October 2022 (Weekend)

Eight Powerful Steps to Your Ideal Body Image!

Book yourself to this invigorating weekend to release your stresses, calm your mind and bring peace and happiness back into your life – Learn how to have that Ideal body Image – with workshops, therapy sessions, yoga, and meditation while you enjoy plant-based healthy meals with like-minded soulful people.

Start the day with a beautiful Sunrise yoga session and rejuvenate your body with nourishing fresh juices – made just for your liking.

Health and Wellbeing Retreat

Time to restore and revitalize your Body, Mind, and Soul for 2 days in a tranquil, peaceful Country Lodge

And indulge in:

  • Sunrise Yoga session                               
  • Health talks – with simple to follow everyday lifestyle choices
  • Mindfulness – awareness
  • Goal setting and know how achieve them
  • Chakra healing for weight management                          
  • Grounding exercises to realign your life path
  • Heart healing – forgiveness exercises
  • Cognitive exercises
  • Self reflection – paradigm shifts
  • A numerology reading – how your date of birth can reveal your life path
  • Healthy menu planning
  • Healthy meals and beverages
  • Visit to a local health farm (optional)
  • Sunset Labyrinth meditation walk
  • Lots of fun and games and sharing and caring


Group sessions are interactive and warm – sets a connection within the group – Shared accommodation and amenities.  Breakfast and lunch meals provided – choice of eating out in the evening – an opportunity to meet the friendly locals.

Limited numbers to maintain safe distancing and enable the group to interact with each other in a warm and friendly country setting.

Health for your body, mind, and soul – This weekend will help you with a holistic approach to your weight management, personal development to address all areas of your life to live an Authentic life

Conducted by Angela Peris

Angela Peris – Holistic life-coach / Registered Nurse / Spiritual healer – will support you and empower you, with simple lifestyle changes for you to live an extraordinary Life  – At the
Health and Lifestyle Retreat ~ Berrigan NSW 2712

Call details – Angela Peris ~ 0400 719 093 
         E: angela@cardiacwellness.com.au