Our retreats are life-changing, empowering, and fun. You will be amazed how it only takes 3 days to change your life!

-18th and 19th June (Weekend) –

Release your stress / rejuvenate your body, mind, and spirit!

Book yourself to this invigorating weekend to release your stresses, calm your mind and bring peace and happiness back into your life – with workshops, therapy sessions, yoga, and meditation while you enjoy plant-based healthy meals with like-minded soulful people.

Start the day with a beautiful Sunrise yoga session and rejuvenate your body with nourishing fresh juices – made just for your liking.

Health and Wellbeing Retreat

Time to restore and revitalize your Body, Mind, and Soul for 3 days in a tranquil, peaceful Country Lodge

And indulge in:

  • Sunrise Yoga session                               
  • Health talks – with simple to follow everyday lifestyle choices
  • Mindfulness – awareness
  • Goal setting and know how achieve them
  • Energize your soul with Chakra balancing                         
  • Grounding exercises to realign your life path
  • Heart healing – forgiveness exercises
  • Cognitive exercises
  • Self reflection – paradigm shifts
  • A numerology reading – how your date of birth can reveal your life path
  • Healthy menu planning
  • Healthy meals and beverages
  • Visit to a local health farm
  • Sunset Labyrinth meditation walk
  • Lots of fun and games and sharing and caring


Group sessions are interactive and warm – sets a connection within the group – Shared accommodation and amenities.  Breakfast and lunch meals provided – choice of eating out in the evening – an opportunity to meet the friendly locals.

Limited numbers to maintain safe distancing and enable the group to interact with each other in a warm and friendly country setting.

Health for your body, mind, and soul – This weekend will help you with a holistic approach to personal development to address all areas of your life to live an Authentic life

Conducted by Angela Peris

Angela Peris – Holistic life-coach / Registered Nurse / Spiritual healer – will support you and empower you, with simple lifestyle changes for you to live an extraordinary Life  – At the
Health and Lifestyle Retreat ~ Berrigan NSW 2712

Call details – Angela Peris ~ 0400 719 093 
         E: angela@cardiacwellness.com.au