Digital Copy – Your Human Blueprint to an Extraordinary Life – Discover the power of our human life


This book will help you find your true self – your Blueprint to your Extraordinary Human Life.

It is the instruction manual to you and will help you unravel your true being, to understand what your life is about and to explore the four dimensions of your life – the physical (the body), mental (the mindset), emotional (the soul) and spiritual (the spirit).

Learn how they interact, what they do and how best you can take care of these important components of your life to live a purposeful life.

You will discover how to reveal your ‘souls purpose’, to be your authentic self.

You will learn how your emotional well being (EQ) and your spiritual consciousness (SQ) can enhance the quality of your life’s journey to view life from a greater perspective and enjoy a blissful state.

Do the exercises after each chapter to enable you to grasp the contents of each section, thus helping you to release any blockages and unleash the hidden potentials to reveal your purpose in life. When you let go of what is holding you back and understand why things happened in your life’s journey the way they did, you can choose to let go of what is not you, forgive people, change your mindset and reveal your purpose to embrace your true authentic self.

It is then you can really enjoy the blissful state to live an amazingly powerful EXTRAORDINARY HUMAN LIFE.