Heart Chakra Program


Heart Chakra Balancing

Heart Chakra energy point is about love, relationships, and your emotional wellbeing – if you are unhappy feeling unloved/sad or feeling unworthy of love – you may have blockages in your Heart energy point.

Healing and balancing this energy point will unblock those emotions and bring back love and passion to your life.

  • Open your heart to receive love – feel worthy of love
  • Be kind and empathetic
  • Be intimate and loving
  • Heal your heart from hurt, sadness, and loneliness
  • Have better relationships with loved ones
  • See positive side to the situation than the negative

Located in the middle of your chest, behind your Physical Heart – Heart Chakra is a powerful energy point – Heart Chakra is in the middle of the Chakra energy system – it connects our personal Life with our spiritual Life – Heart Chakra is about love, relationships, and our emotional wellbeing. Balancing this energy point will empower you to be the person you desire to be.

Unblocking and balancing your Heart Chakra – will make you feel loved – feel worthy of love – and lovable – able to maintain good relationships – Resolve stress and anger issues – have a strong sense of gratitude – be forgiving and understanding – you appreciate others and feel compassion – also loving and accepting yourself for who you are.

You will learn to forgive and let go of hurt and negative emotions that may be sabotaging love and loving relationships – Open your heart to love and enjoy loving relationships with partners as well as family and friends.



Let Angela Peris guide YOU to unblock your Chakras

Chakra healing is powerful and transformational. Chakras are human energy fields. They are the very core of our existence. They are like the power stations within us. They create and maintain energy. Without the chakras we would not be here

There are 7 major Chakra energy points within us – There are 21 minor Chakra points – which are used in other healing modalities eg: Acupuncture

Each Chakra point has a location, a function and a colour associated with them. According to their location, they can affect our physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing during our growing up years which can result in ill-health and diseases later on in life.

Learn how to unblock and heal your Chakra Energy points and keep them balanced at all times.

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What Comes in My Guide?

1.     Steps to take to unblock your Chakras

Blockages in your Chakra energy points can affect you physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Unblocking these energy points will help release limiting beliefs and roadblocks that are holding you back in life.


2.     How to balance your Chakras

Chakra energy points can be healed and balanced to release you from physical, mental, and emotional blockages that are affecting your life.

Chakra balancing exercises and affirmations will help you cleanse and balance each Chakra point.


3.     How to energize your Chakra energy point

Through healing and balancing your Chakra energy points, you can help release physical, mental and emotional blockages to empower you to enjoy life to the fullest.

Energizing your Chakra energy points can shift you to manifest the life you desire.