Weight Management Program

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8 Powerful steps to Your Ideal Body Image is about a holistic approach to weight management – we have carefully designed a program that balances ALL AREAS of your life – it is not just about the diet or daily vigorous exercise – it is about the health of your body, mind, and soul. Our program takes you through simple lifestyle changes that you can easily adopt into your life to be healthy, fit, and vibrant. There are 8 Modules and exercises / worksheets to complete for each module

  1. Why am I overweight?
    Discover the emotions behind your weight gain and learn to dissolve the emotional blockages – Find out the real reason for gaining weight and keeping you stuck in life
  2. Be the master of your mind
    Know the power of the Conscious and the Sub-conscious minds! Learn how they work. Learn how to change your mindset to achieve your goals in life. Very powerful session – Learn how you can reprogram your subconscious mind to achieve your ideal body image
  3. Manifest YOUR ideal body Image
    3 step approach – to set and manifest your goals in life – how to set the right program in your subconscious mind – Visual boards and images of how you want to be – Your ideal body image
  4. Love your body
    Healthy lifestyle – Learn simple ways to change your life to reap huge benefits for the rest of your life – simple and easy – yet you didn’t know ‘How to’ get started and how to get there
  5. Be active
    Physical exercises – Enjoy 6 benefits of walking – walking and reflecting on your life
  6. Plate to Mouth
    Healthy eating habits – Learn how to change the old programming – healthy menu planning – learn about food and nutrition – and to balance your meals – very powerful module
  7. Re-vitalize your body
    Put essential nutrients into your body to maintain good health & wellbeing. Detox your Liver and learn about essential vitamins and minerals that will boost your energy and vitality
  8. Heal your life
    Healing of your past – Healing your emotional traumas to recreate the life you are here to live and enjoy – This module includes a very powerful healing session. Deep emotional healing can release the blockages in your life to unleash the hidden potentials for you to move forwards in life