‘Don’t let the world change ‘WHO YOU ARE’. Change the world by being who you want to be’ – Angela Peris

Program Objectives

  • To maintain your health & wellbeing with a positive mind set and to heal your life from negative emotions
  • Restore & optimize your health & wellbeing for you to enjoy life with longevity & high quality of life
  • Design a program with you to help you achieve your goals
  • Help you identify areas of concern and take steps to alleviate these
  • Maintain an open line of communication with you
  • Monitor your progress with careful guidance to optimize your health & wellbeing objectives
  • Encourage & motivate you to reach your dream life with excellent health

This is a unique creation of combining Western & Eastern mind set, culture and belief system in to a healing session through a light level of hypnosis – this most innovative healing process is created by the founder and the director of the Health & Lifestyle Retreat ~ Angela Peris

We address all areas of your life. Our program consists of health for the body, health for the mind and health for the Soul with an energy healing and balancing session for you to unblock any blockages that may have affected your life up till now.

Our Energy Healing program is based on recognising where your blockages are and releasing these to unblock your physical, mental and emotional issues that you may have encountered during early years of life, to enable you to live life with clarity, focus and integrity. Most people like to ‘believe’ that their past has no effect on their current way of living.  People sometimes are in an illusion that they have resolved their past. It is difficult for you to progress in life, when past emotional issues block the flow of energy through your energy system, it is like trying to drive a car with your hand brakes on. You know, you want to go forward, yet you cannot. It seems like something is holding you back.

Our program is unique in this field. We have combined energy cleansing and balancing with a hypnosis session which takes you through your childhood years and guiding you to release whatever that is holding you back and/or causing ill health.

Our Take Control Of your Life Program is about holistic and spiritual life coaching- it is addressing all areas of your life to help you release your pst emotions, dissolve past hurts and to empower yourself to live the live YOU desire

Holistic Life Coaching

A holistic life coach (sometimes referred to as a holistic healer) is one which looks holistically at the body, mind and spirit when working with an individual on various areas of their life. In this way, not only will the coach look at the physical health of the client, but also their mental, emotional and spiritual states and how these are balanced.

Typically, a holistic life coach will use the Life Balance Wheel when working with clients, to ascertain whether the various elements of their life, such as career, money, personal growth, spirituality and health, are balanced and working in harmony with one another.

Following your initial consultation, we design a program to suit you. Following the first 3 sessions which is the CORE PROGRAM – called the ‘TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR LIFE’ (Angela’s Signature Program) – you can (optional) join the group sessions to ensure continuity to achieve your life goals , or you have the option of Skype consults monthly – up to 6 months to offer support and guidance throughout your journey  of your life transformation

Program Layout

These sessions are designed to suit your needs – therefore you may need 2 – 4 sessions depending on your life circumstances.
Each session can take up to 2-3 hours and we recommend sessions are at least –1 week apart – Healing session included (optional)

2-3day Private Retreat Workshop –  Bookings – minimum 2 people – up 5 people – staying at the retreat – meals provided. – Energetic Healing session (Optional Extra)

Private retreat programs are scheduled as per availability of time – we will discuss with you – your needs and allocate the days for the retreat – You will stay 2 nights at the retreat – the program details will be given to you on registration and full payment.

Healing may not be so much about getting better, as about letting go of everything that isn’t you – all the expectations, all of the beliefs – and becoming who you are… Rachel Naomi Remen

What are the Goals we work with

  • Health & Lifestyle – Heart Health
  • Weight Management
  • Managing Health Issues – Diabetes/High blood pressure
  • Stop Smoking
  • Setting & achieving goals in life
  • Stress and Anger Management
  • Eating habits /Nutrition
  • Depression/Anxiety
  • Relationship issues
  • Personal & Professional Development
  • Healing your past hurts/sadness
  • Finding your true Purpose in life